navin bajaj



Highly motivated corporate trainer, with experience in training small and large groups across diverse industries and functions. He mentors the Team Building initiative with his experience of over a decade in diverse areas of organizational dynamics. A firm believer in the experiential learning process, Navin has successfully designed and developed indigenous games and activities that offer opportunities to correlate oneself to individual professional & personal space.


  • Graduate from Pune University with over 10 years experience of facilitating behavioral training programs across all levels and functions
  • Part of Applied Behavioural Science human process labs with ISABS (BLHP,ALHP) Aastha Phase 2.
  • Trained Yoga Expert.
  • Expertise in Behavioural Training and Outbound development programs.

Areas of specialization

  • Implementing innovative behavioral/ wellness modules to enhance personal and professional space of individuals/ Team.
  • Communication Skills, Team Worker. Experience in facilitating groups to achieve the set objectives.


  • Varied industry experience- Insurance, Finance, Health, FMCG, IT, BPO and Manufacturing.
  • Trained more than 5000 participants.
  • Wellness consultant with Endurance, ABS, Golds, Fundtech.
  • Managed teams of multiple trainers in various outbound trainings.


Self Inquiry Methodology in Contrast with Knowledge Imparting Sessions. Proposed sessions are designed with structured experiences that involve working together on tasks which are unfamiliar and which require a high degree of interdependence. Participants experience a powerful journey of self exploration, where they themselves discover, what their path is. Socrates can be considered as the father of this training method and he used this method to awaken people, throughout his life. He used to say “You value, what you discover yourself, not what others have told you”.

This journey of self inquiry begins with a powerful question, which is thrown open to consideration of the participants. As they explore those questions, insights begin to unravel to them and they begin to realize what is currently missing in their approach of living and how they can empower themselves. This self inquiry moves further by way of the spontaneous questions posed by the guide which opens the path for participants to go deeper into the search and come out with insightful discoveries.


  • Role Plays
  • Adventure stimulations
  • Navigational Stimulations
  • Water based Activities
  • High Rope Activities
  • Real life project. (Corporate Social Responsibility)
  • Art Simulations

Contact Info

Phone : +91 9822037144