How to Plan an Effective Team Building Program

Team Building Program

Improving employee relationships is a crucial component of any organization. The workforce is made of unique individuals with diverse skill sets and regional diversities. Misunderstanding, unhealthy competition, and divisiveness could impact the productivity of the entire team and enterprise.

Encouraging your employees to build bridges and form healthy professional relationships is part and parcel of managing a successful business. It all starts with engaging your employees and fostering an environment where collaboration matters more than the competition.

What better way to help your employees develop rapport than a well-organized team-building activity?

Team building programs and activities are the core to strengthening bonds and adding fresh perspectives to all involved. to have an impactful learning experience the program design, content and flow have to be well planned and executed 

Most importantly the debrief done by the facilitator should be towards the desired objectives. The activities and experience should leave everyone empowered and energised.

How can one plan an effective and transformative learning experience?

Let me ask you how one plans a Trekking Expedition, what is the relevance here you may ask. When planning an expedition the team has to go through an entire process of understanding their  Goal, Structure, Order, tools, safety, challenges, Identifying the Leader, prerequisites, roles etc. Any aspect overlooked or compromised could be threatening to the well-being of the team /members and will defeat the purpose of a successful expedition 

So this brings us to planning a successful team building program.

Destination /Goals to be achieved – Where does the team want to reach in terms of its objectives 

Location /Current order and structure – understanding the team’s current location in terms of the challenges and problems,to help design a program crucial to desired outcomes.

Road map/expectation and energy setting- The participants will not be enthused or energised if they are not having clear expectations and goals.Its a preparedness process that helps everyone engage  to enjoy the journey

Tools & Equipment /Venue and activities- When conducting a team-building program it is imperative to select the appropriate venue as per the design, also the activities that are an essential part of the learning experience have to be sensible selected and structured. The themes,the intensity,the engagement these are the factors that would change the outcome if not put in the correct order. The goal is to help each participant to have a WOW feeling.

A trainer needs to identify which tools /activities to use when i.e 

Energizing activity is helpful to break the Ice – Jump in Jump out, Hoopla Hoop

Understanding self and roles can be done with Cobweb activity 

Collaboration and teamwork need to be based on trust and responsibility which can be visible through Pipe Dream, Caterpillar  A  tool is of no use if not used in the right place and right time.

Stepping out of the Comfort Zone – is possible when the individual is threatened and dares to step out of self-limiting beliefs. Rappelling, Rock Climbing activities help address that 

Sustainability &  Nurturing – The focus of this journey is to create an environment that nurtures, involves, encourages, heals, appreciates, and empowers self and others this is a sustainable model. Passing judgements and criticism will be counterproductive to the learning experience.

Outcome/Next expedition – The program evaluation is based on the participant’s learnings and insights gained   These learnings if not taken forward productively by an individual or the team will just leave them with a feel-good factor.

 Team Building programs are not to FEEL BETTER but BECOME BETTER 

We invite you to have a dialogue with us to build a dynamic and successful team.

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