Qualities of a Successful Team

Successful Team

What does it take to be a cohesive team?

High-performing teams are composed of individuals with specialized expertise and complementary skills who are goal-oriented and hyper-focused on achieving clear, outstanding results. With the right approach to performance management, you’ll empower them to collaborate, innovate, and produce work at the highest levels. But building a high-performing team requires more than just pulling together a group of talented people with the right skills. It requires careful development and the nurturing of key characteristics, behaviours, and best practices.

The key attributes of a successful team are  

Common objectives/Goals Clarity  – The members and the team should have clear goals and roles,this makes every member work in the right direction 

Clear Communication   – the team should develop a mechanism to clear communication, the understanding of boundaries, and tenets for the team is an important factor, also the regional diversity could be misconstrued 

Planning – The team could face challenges if they do not have a Road Map and contingency plans. The team needs to align thoughts to identify the best way to achieve their goals, the team needs to have defined roles and responsibilities too.

Ownership – This is not by invitation each member should feel the belongingness and ownership towards every aspect of the team. The only goal of the team should be the well-being of the Vision and Mission of the team.

Collaboration to win – The unity of a team is above self, in order to achieve a common goal the members should put personal gains to rest. The team is successful when each member fulfils his/her role and is open to supporting a coworker if need be.

How Can we build a successful team?

The team will face challenges in the forming and the storming stages, these are stages before the diversity is understood and appreciated. Team building and Outbound learning programs offer opportunities in a structured format to help the participants gain a Drone view of their strengths and weaknesses.

The team activities and challenges create an environment similar to real-life incidents which allow the participants to explore their potential /limitations in self and relationships (interpersonal/Intrapersonal ). 

The Journey of an outbound program with team building is a wholesome learning experience of Thought Action and Feeling, the program objectives are derived by an experienced facilitator.  

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