Planning  for Outbound Training program

Outbound Training

What is Outbound Training

Outbound Training Program are based on  Experiential training methodology ,here the concept is to move away from the city or familiar workplace to the outdoors amidst nature .This offers opportunity for the participants to gain fresh perspectives , engaging the participants with what the natural environment has to offer . The activities are designed to align and meet the team learning objectives .The activities are based on tasks and challenges in terms of Adventure and team building activities. The participants go through the structured program guided by the Facilitator and a team of Safety experts . It is very imperative for the facilitator to design a program to suit the participants .

How to Plan an effective Outbound Training Program ?

Outdoor learning is an experiential methodology,the tools are the mountains,trees, rivers,and the natural surroundings so the planning in such a setup  requires some very thoughtful selection of location and activities keeping in mind the overall fitness levels of a group.. Few things to keep in mind when planning an Outbound Training are 

a) Understand the team’s objectives / Learning needs

b) What are the team dynamics in terms of the Group size, age, diversity, previous experience if any, cultural diversity, the current situation of the team, their functions and levels. 

c) what is the location and budget the team has for accommodation and logistic support 

d) what is the time frame allotted for this program Day/overnight / 2 nights.

e)The Company identified to run the program, the facilitator/s ideal to conduct the program

f) The design of the program i.e level of intensity (physical /mental), permutation and combination of activities,the debrief methods and frequency during the plan.

g) The activities could be Simulation challenges based on real situation,Adventure challenges -land, water,Aerial,Team bonding tasks -high on interdependence,Creative Expressions -encourages creative thinking,Real time Activities — based on symbolic references,CSR activities -Challenges with a outcome GIvers Gain.  

h) The crux of an outbound program is PIES (Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, Social safety of all participants) Very important to have a Safety and first aid qualified team and systems, in case of any emergencies..A certified team of adventure experts and equipment to conduct the activities

i) Measuring the effectiveness & Outcomes of the program is crucial for the team and the management to understand what holds true and is valuable to practice and what needs to be discarded for making it an actionable step forward.

J) All the learnings derived from these experiences hold no value unless each participant doesn’t recalibrate to the new. 

I would like to sum up the above thoughts and insights on Outbound learning 

“Give the students something to do, not something to learn; and the doing is of such a nature as to demand thinking; learning results naturally.”

~John Dewey

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